CK Burch is the central hub for numerous alternate realities, most of them available on Netflix. While genuinely affable to this present timeline, often he finds himself on a starship far, far away, or in a silent world in the depths of the fog. In other realities he is Kanye West. Sometimes even in this one. When not scrolling past Wholockians on the Tumbloos, he spends time with his two children and enjoys listening to film soundtracks and reading sci-fi novels. And, of course, writing down his journeys through realities. All his novels have happened. Even this one.
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Ah, the zee! What wonders does it hold? Chris goes out zailing, uncovering new areas of the world map, and Fallen London begins to offer a bit more in the way of revelations and mysteries.

Still zailing the Unterzee over on The California Kings’s YouTube channel. Come give us a like, comment, even a subscribe, if it pleases ya.

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Come sail away with me upon the zee! This is Sunless Sea, an early access Steam game, and King Chris will be your captain as we explore this interesting resource management steampunk sailing game.

My next Let’s Play on The California Kings’s channel is up, starting with an introduction to an early access game, Sunless Sea! Come join me as I explore this open, very dangerous world.

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Failbetter Games


Many thanks to failbettergames for following us here on the Tumbls! Tumbl them in return for choice info on Sunless Sea and the Fallen London community!

Check this out! This is friggin awesome! thecaliforniakings are starting to make connections, and we are always grateful for the gaming community supporting each other. Go check out failbettergames and keep an eye out for more of our Let’s Play of Sunless Sea!